Yeah, the reason is simple,
betting on sports is fun!


In our newsroom discussion, let us talk about two of the craziest sports betting the gambling world has ever witnessed. While these bets could never make any sense whatsoever for the non-sports person or the gambling hater, I’m sure all the sports lover and the betting aficionados could feel the real excitement and ardent devotion that stimulated these craziest bettors to make such insane sports bets.

  • A father punter

    Why can’t a father be a punter? I’m sure your mind shoots this question, as soon as your eyes had glimpsed the heading. No, absolutely your father, my father or for that matter any father can be a punter. But have you read about that crazy father or may be the apt way to say is a trusting father, who believed in his son’s potential and made his envisioned betting on his golfer son, whom he believed to clinch the British Open title at the age of 25, when he was just 15 at the time of bet? The father punter here is Gerry McIlroy and the famous superstar golfer son we are talking about is Rory McIlroy. This popular golfer son, proved his father’s prediction by winning the title, for which his dad earned a cool $171,000, all at 500/1 odds, which is certainly a daring bet.

  • The Football betting

    This is for the fans of the Football game, who wouldn’t forget the way Brazil was thrashed at the 2014 world cup game by Germany that too very badly, scoring just 1 goal against the 7 powerful goals made by the Germans. When whole Brazil fans were utterly traumatized by this sickening defeat, there was one anonymous who made that perfect prediction that Germany would beat Brazil scoring 7 goals against 1and that the German golfer Sami Khedira would definitely score a goal for Germany. While all that he bet was a meager amount of 20$, he left home happily with a whopping $46,000 money. Wow, isn’t that crazy?

What are your viewpoints on these bets? If you have any crazy sports bets of yours or your friends to share with us, please comment in the discussion section.

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