Having the wrong clothes can ruin a camping tripIf you are considering a camping holiday, then warm clothing such as jumpers and cardigans is exceedingly important. Regardless of destination, even in a warm climate, temperatures will drop at night and your clothing will need to take this into account. You may also need to consider the altitude of your campsite as the higher you go, the lower the temperature. While carrying unnecessary items is discouraged, it is better to have too much clothing available rather than not enough, just in case of emergencies. The duration of your holiday will also influence the amount of clothes you need to bring, as changes of clothing may be necessary, especially if yours get wet.


The technique known as layering is the best way to ensure sweat is removed from your skin as quickly as possible. Your inner layer will consist of a light t-shirt and depending on the temperature or location involved, additional layers of warm clothing are added, the medium layer consisting of jumpers and cardigans and the outer layer can protect you from snow, rain and wind. The outer layer is typically of waterproof material. Those involved in winter sports or rock climbing will have additional requirements, with warm clothing designed specifically for cold conditions, with additional protective padding and waterproofing qualities.


When camping outdoors, especially at high altitude in mountainous areas, weather conditions can be unpredictable and warm clothing can save your life, protecting you from hypothermia, the most common cause of death is outdoor activities involving prolonged outdoor exposure. If you have an accident in a remote location, preventing hypothermia is essential and keeps you alive until you are rescued. Such situations are rare, but it is always best to be prepared for unexpected emergencies and adhere to safe practices when on a camping holiday. Do not take unnecessary risks and always carry a fully charged mobile phone (with spare batteries) in case emergency services are required. Even in the UK, it is easy to become lost while on a camping holiday, perhaps while hiking or exploring the surrounding area and a mere t-shirt and shorts will not protect you from the elements at night. Even in the summer months – carry a backpack with some warm clothes and other essential items.

Picture: Andrey Kiselev – Fotolia

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