Extrem sports in Colorado

Colorado is the perfect setting for fans of extreme sportsColorado is a paradise for lovers of extreme sports. Summer or winter, the spectacular and beautiful terrain provide plenty of opportunities for someone to throw themselves off a mountain top, climb the side of a perilously steep cliff face or battle bravely against the fast flowing waters.

Winter Sports

The Rocky Mountains provide some of the most thrilling settings for lovers of winter extreme sports. Skiing and snowboarding opportunities are available almost everywhere throughout the state, with the trendy resort of Aspen having become something of a mecca for the well-heeled skier. There are plenty of other venues to suit the snow lover with grittier tastes, too. Breckenridge ski resort and Echo Mountain are two places in Colorado where visitors can perfect a whole range of snow based sports such as snowboarding.

One especially thrilling winter activity is ice climbing the frozen waterfalls in the many mountain rivers of the state. Vail has some great frozen waterfalls to scale for anyone who loves the thought of climbing towering pillars of ice in a spectacular mountain setting. Ouray Ice Park presents climbers with the challenge of scaling sheer walls of ice in the world’s first park devoted entirely to ice climbing.

Summer Sports

Of course, snow is not needed for thrills in Colorado. White water rafting is especially popular in the state that offers such impressively quick-flowing river systems. Negotiating the rapids in a raft or a canoe is a thrilling challenge for anyone, whether you are a beginner or grizzled extreme sports veteran.

Climbers do not necessarily need good weather to enjoy a good climb, but some sunshine never hurt. Telluride is a postcard-like San Juan Mountain village, which also offers some great climbing and bouldering routes. With so much height around, paragliding and hang-gliding are also very popular extreme sports in Colorado. Telluride is also a fine place to indulge in the kind of more laid-back activities Colorado offers in summer time, rather than just extreme sports.

The fast-flowing rivers of the state are not just great for rafting down, although there is plenty of opportunity for that. They also offer some great fishing, while the mountain setting of much of the state makes it a hikers’ paradise.

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