Areas of study for Fans of the great outdoor

There ar emany opportunities available for lovers of the great outdoorsSome people may think of hushed libraries or crowded lecture halls when they think of college life. A rarefied existence hemmed in by the bounds of academia. This, however, is not the case. For anyone who loves the kind of experiences only the great American outdoors can offer, there are plenty of academic opportunities on offer.

Rocky Fundamentals

One thing most lovers of the great outdoors see a lot of is rocks, especially in a state like Colorado which has so many mountains. Whether someone is a hiker, climber, rafter or skier, the chances are that they will see plenty of rocks. So why not learn more about them?

Geology is great subject to choose for the lover of the outdoor life. As well as spending much of their practical research time in an environment that they love, potential students can also explore the processes that create the spectacular landscapes that they love. Geology allows people to understand the fundamental structure of the planet on which we live, and how the Earth’s natural processes shape the landscapes we live in, and to spend plenty of time amongst rocks.

Historical Pursuits

It is in rocks, of course, that fossils are found. Often, fossils are the first objects that inspire a child’s interest in science, in how things came to be. Paleontology is the study of fossils and is a great choice for people who want to know how different life forms have been shaped and changed on the planet. If someone likes the thought of chipping away at the world’s natural history to discover how it all once fitted together appeals, then paleontology could be the subject to choose.

Another discipline which involves digging is archeology. This involves more digging in great outdoor locations, looking for what people have left behind. A science which involves a good background in history, as well as geography and interpretive and imaginative skills, archeology combines the practical and imaginative in varied and challenging ways.

Being academic and loving the outdoors are not mutually incompatible ideas. Pursuing the activities someone loves can also lead to a deeply fulfilling academic career, whether in geology, paleontology to archeology.

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