Archeological digs provide great experience for studentsGetting involved in an archeological dig can be an exciting way to discover the past and provides much education. Nothing puts a researcher closer to history than actually digging up and holding a piece of it in their hands. You don’t need to be part of a college or university archeology education program to get involved.

Join a Local Archeology Course

By taking one or two courses at a local college or university you will be able to gain better knowledge into how such digs are carried out and you will be able to find out more about local archeological clubs and digs happening within your area. However this may not always be an option for you and if it is not available to you, you need not worry as there are other ways of getting involved.

Find Locations Within Your Local Area

Whilst only qualified archaeologists are given permission to excavate a site volunteers are often needed to help archaeologists in the field, and this is provides a great chance for anyone interested to get involved in a real archaeological excavation. You should contact your local council authority as they will have information of all of the archeological digs currently happening within each state. Colorado often has many archeology digs happening and is a great place to start your education in archeology. Alongside this there are many independent volunteer websites available online which can provide you with information regarding the digs happening closest to you. Archaeo-Volunteers is a great online resource for this.

Be Prepared

Whilst being part of an archeological dig can be a rewarding experience and a great introduction into your local history, you need to be fully prepared for the experience. Archeological digs can be very hard work and you should only commit to getting involved in them if you are 100% sure that you truly want to and that you are willing to see it through until the end. Alongside this most digs will also entail some sort of cost, this can vary from simply being your own travel expenses to something more substantial such as a requested financial donation or even a set fee for helping. However, should you choose to get involved with your local dig, it will no doubt be a rewarding experience, offering the opportunity to get some hands on education in archeology.

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