Couch surfing is a great way to save money while travellingBreathtaking scenery, folk music in the cliffs of the natural Red Rock amphitheatre, and trail hiking through the pine-scented forests; Colorado certainly has plenty to offer its tourists.

Experience Colorado – through the eyes of a stranger!

Couch Surfing, according to the official website, was started years ago when a guy traveling through the United States didn’t have enough money for a hotel. He sent out an email to a local college mailing list and was astounded by the large number of welcoming responses he received. Capitalizing on the good nature of the majority of people, as well as their interest in traveling and meeting strangers, Couch Surfing – a.k.a CS – was born.

One may at first find the idea of lodging with complete strangers a bit frightening, but a well-travelled American begs to differ. “I actually backpacked through Europe thanks to Couchsurfing,” claims Navi, a member of the website since 2007. “My purse was stolen in Spain right before I set off for my three-month tour. No money, no credit cards, no plane tickets. Thanks to my last-minute hosts, I saved a butt load on hotels and could continue my backpacking. I’m so grateful, and try to host CSers when I can, to repay the karma.”

Cheap lodging in Colorado – Couch Surfing!

It’s true that one of the best perks of CS is that it’s more affordable that staying in a hotel or hostel. Many people who use the site say that they can afford to pay for lodging, but enjoy getting to know local people in the area. Still others are wary of guide books, wanting to experience the “real” part of a city that’s not on the beaten tourist path.

Getting insider tips on a city is the best way to go

In addition to the services offered by, there are also other similar flat sharing opportunities available in Colorado. Websites such as 9flats can be used to find rooms and even whole holiday apartments to rent in the Colorado, which is ideal for those looking to get to know the locals without having to resort to hotels and hostels.

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